Not Just Another Manifestation Course:

A Spiritual Guide to Making Your Dreams Come True

What’s missing from most manifestation methods? Past-life knowledge, the wisdom within your soul type, and engaging the help of your spirit guides.  

Purchase in Full • $199
Purchase in Installments • $70/month

I manifested my dream job thanks to this course. I just got the offer last week. Thank you so much, Ainslie! 

- Monika E.

Purchase in Full • $199
Purchase in Installments • $70/month
Your soul came to the Physical Plane to experience everything it desires. Yet, many of us find ourselves living lives that don’t fulfill us, with people who don’t understand us, in places that don’t feel good on a soul level.

Most manifestation techniques fall short in helping us change these circumstances because they don’t take into account the massive role that past-life fears, soul types, and spirit guides play in achieving present life goals.

Past-Life Fears

Every soul has fears and limiting beliefs due to painful past-life experiences, that are then triggered by situations in this life. These block you from manifesting because your soul doesn’t believe it’s safe to step out of your comfort zone and have what it desires.

Soul Types

There are 10 soul types, and these represent the big picture themes your soul came into this incarnation to experience. Knowing your soul type(s) helps you get clear on what and how to manifest. 

Spirit Guides

Your spirit guides are your support team on the other side. They’re available to you 24/7, and are just waiting for you to engage with them and ask for help. Without connecting to them, you’re missing out on significant co-creative power.

Dear Ainslie and Christine, I have been working on this course the past few weeks and am amazed at the results. 2 of my manifestations have become reality already! I have used creative visualization for many years and even though I found much success in that, your course takes it to a whole new level! Thank you!

- Charmaine R.

In this course I’ll share with you the unique, proven, effective manifestation process that my spirit guides shared with me many years ago, and that I’ve personally used to manifest the opportunities, people, and experiences that bring me so much joy today.

You Can Expect to Feel:

  • A sense that you’re capable of achieving anything you want in life
  • More freedom from limiting beliefs
  • A calm, centered knowledge about your life purpose
  • Excited about the vision you’ve cultivated for the future
  • Empowered, finally knowing the practical steps necessary to achieve your soul’s true desires

You’ll Learn:

  • How to engage your spirit guides help in manifesting
  • What your soul type is and how it factors into manifestation
  • How to spot and heal past-life fears & limiting beliefs
  • How to create effective & believable affirmations
  • A daily practice for manifestation

 My Clients Have Manifested:

  • 150k above asking price when selling a home
  • A new job with high pay & a healthy atmosphere
  • Inner peace & an ability to show up authentically
  • Finding a loving group home for a special needs adult son
  • A vacation home
  • Income to support a year of healing, while not working
  • A car at the exact price desired
  • New home items; appliances, lighting, furniture, tech
  • New healthy friendships

The Work Includes:

  • 10 modules of audio, video, and written teachings totaling just over two hours
  • Journal prompts
  • A workbook (optional)
  • Meditations
  • An affirmation creation exercise 
  • My soul type quiz
  • A past-life regression
  • & more!
Purchase in Full • $199
Purchase in Installments • $70/month

More About Ainslie

Ainslie MacLeod is an internationally acclaimed past-life psychic, spiritual teacher and author. He works with elevated spirit guides to support you in overcoming the fears, blocks, and other obstacles that keep you from finding peace and living the life your soul intended. Listen to some of Ainslie’s interviews below, or learn more here

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