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A place for old souls to gather, heal past-lives, learn to more deeply live their soul’s purpose, & connect to something bigger than themselves.

The live sessions are fantastic! It feels like I'm getting a session with both Ainslie & Christine each time they go live. I get so much out of it and feel like everything that's talked about and everything that's asked relates to me. I'm also enjoying the daily teachings in their longer format. I feel like I'm getting so much more from the expanded content. Thank you for all that you do.
- Ginny G.

What is The Soul World Membership Community?

Each month Ainslie and Christine focus on walking you through a specific theme related to your soul’s journey. They explore things like soul ages, soulmates, soul types, past-life fears, spirit guides, karma, and more. You’ll also have access to our members-only community group (The Soul World Lounge) where you can connect with other old souls, and may even reconnect with soul family and discover shared past lives. 

The Work Includes:

  • Daily (Mon-Fri) teachings via email
  • A live monthly Q&A coaching call with Ainslie + Christine, plus access to a selection of previous months’ archives 
  • Your tools in The Soul World Library: A past-life regression, heart opening meditation, & grounding meditation
  • Journal prompts
  • Sharing & interacting (completely optional) in The Lounge
  • Learning how to connect with spirit guides
  • Monthly Live Sessions in The Lounge with Ainslie & Christine
This membership was the best gift I gave myself. I found a place where I can share my experiences without judgment, and learn so much from the experiences of others. I feel a renewed sense of happiness and connection to others. Don’t hesitate, just do it! It will change you.
- Juliana M.

Why Should I Join?

Most spiritual old souls understand (at least in theory) that they have a purpose for this incarnation. However, exactly what that purpose is can often feel vague or out of reach. But here’s the thing, your destiny is not a secret! And it lives within your soul’s plan for this incarnation. 

In order to live this purpose to its fullest expression, you need to clear the past-life blocks and limiting beliefs standing in your way. The Soul World Membership Community is exactly where you’ll learn how to do this. 

As a member, you gain access to resources and support so you can feel:

  • A calm, centered connection to your life purpose + the confidence on how to fulfill it
  • Freedom from past-life fears, blocks, & limiting beliefs
  • Connected to your spirit guides
  • Grounded into your inherent worth & light
  • Reconnected to soul family and kindred spirits from all over the world 
  • Excited about the vision you’ve cultivated for the future
  • A sense that you’re capable of achieving anything you want in life

The Soul World Membership Community is all about inspiring and empowering you to make this incarnation the very best it can be. With support from the spirit guides, and with Ainslie and Christine at the helm, you’ll be incredibly supported in living the life your soul intended.

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The Old Soul’s Guidebook

“This book is amongst the top 3 books I have ever read in my life. As a spiritually open person, the scenarios, examples and exercises were spot on. There was no judgment in this book, just universal love for all souls who are spiritually evolving. If you happen to read this comment, don't second guess! The knowledge provided here is a true gift.👍” ~AH

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Being in Ainslie MacLeod’s Soul World has been life-changing for me.
But what’s been most refreshing is how much depth and richness Christine adds to the experience. She’s deeply compassionate. She’s skilled at facilitating everything from our monthly group calls to the online community. And her warm and friendly voice is delightful to listen to. I’ve been a member of many different membership communities in my day. But rarely do I see both partners contribute so much—individually and as a team.
- Sharon D.

Ainslie MacLeod, Past-Life Psychic

“I wasn’t always a psychic and spiritual teacher. In fact, for most of my life, I was just a regular Muggle. Then, I ran into my deceased uncle in a bookstore in Hawaii—an event that radically reshaped my understanding of the universe.

Until that moment, I thought life was just a series of random events, completely devoid of meaning. But after I began working with elevated spirit guides, I discovered that everyone has a purpose for being here. Your destiny, as I like to say, is not a secret.

Over the last 20 years, I’ve had the chance to sit down with Oprah, Ellen DeGeneres, India Arie, Lee Harris, and countless other luminaries to share with them what I’ve learned from my spirit guides.

Christine and I created the Soul World Community as a safe haven for spiritual seekers and those who want to better understand who they are and why they’re here.”

Christine Love-MacLeod, Spiritual Mentor

“Although I was raised in a religious environment, a series of profound supernatural experiences as a teenager set me on a mystical path that I continue to follow today. After meeting Ainslie, I knew it was time to end my 20-year career as a program manager in the public sector in order to embrace my role as a spiritual mentor.

Ainslie and I now share a partnership in life and in business, and the healing work I’ve done with him and his spirit guides has helped bring me back to my soul’s purpose for this lifetime.
I am blessed with the ability to interpret esoteric concepts and apply them to real-world situations. And it’s my soul’s mission to help you and other old souls apply Ainslie’s teachings so that you, too, can live a life of deeper meaning and fulfillment.”

The Spirit Guides

Ainslie MacLeod has earned his reputation as a world renowned psychic, author, and spiritual teacher as a result of his profound understanding of the soul’s purpose. His insights and teachings come directly from elevated spirit guides on the Causal Plane, and are not based on conjecture or assumption.

Everything Ainslie and Christine offer in the Soul World Membership Community is supported by the spirit guides. The wisdom the guides offer is intended to enhance your experience of life on earth. Through Ainslie, the guides want to show you how to better understand who you are and why you’re here, and how to heal your fears and live a life of greater meaning and purpose.

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I’m a new member and am still feeling like a kid in the candy shop over the videos and blogs in the library. Can’t wait to get to know other members!
- Lisa A.

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